6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Choose Dorset When Relocating to the UK

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Dorset is not a huge city like London, but this county is comprised of numerous charming towns and villages.  Each one of those places is what makes Dorset a unique, yet fabulous place to call home. 

Here are 6 reasons why everyone should choose Dorset when relocating to the UK:

Breathtaking Landscape

People can wake up every single morning and be awe-inspired by the natural beauty around them when they live in Dorset.  Those beautiful sights never seem to get old or boring either.  Between the Jurassic Coast, Lulworth Cove, Golden Cap, Durdle Door, beaches, country parks, and nature reserves, there is always something amazing to look at and explore in the county. 

Thriving Businesses

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Business in Dorset is booming, due in part to the tourism of the area, and people relocating there can take full advantage of it all.  Most people will find themselves working within the tourism realm, however, there are also multiple jobs available for people who specialize in environmental technologies, defense, and advanced engineering. 

Amazing Transportation

The entire United Kingdom is the perfect place for exploring, and everyone who lives in Dorset can easily travel just about anywhere.  Local transportation includes the bus, car services, and the train, but the train also offers options for travel to London and other cities within the country.

You can find more here: www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/travel-dorset/public-transport-bus-and-rail

Magnificent Arts and Culture Scene

Over the years, many authors, artists, and scientists have called Dorset home.  They all believed that the landscape of the region, the locals, and the tranquility that they found there played a huge role in their success.  Anyone who decides to relocate to Dorset could actually become the next Jane Austen, Paul Nash, or Thomas Hardy. For more information, visit  www.nationaltrust.org.uk/hardys-cottage

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Plethora of Festivals and Other Social Events

There is always something going on in Dorset that people can do.  While many of the events are low-key, the county goes all out when it comes to their festivals, and there are a lot of them.  Throughout the year, Dorset is famous for hosting festivals that include fossils, nettle eating, waistcoats, films, and even Dorset knob throwing. 

Delicious Cuisine

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No, cuisine is not always a reason to move to another area of the world, but Dorset does offer some of the best seafood and produce.  Fresh seafood is brought into the harbor every day, and the soil coupled with the mild climate helps the locals grow some of the tastiest fruits and vegetables.  Anyone who is in Dorset will want to try many of the local foods, especially the Dorset Naga, which is one of the hottest chilis in the entire world. 

These are six of the best reasons for people who are considering relocating to the Dorset region.  In fact, there might not even be a bad reason to move to the area, because it just seems so perfect and idyllic.


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