The Pros and Cons of Moving to Dorset from France

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There are always going to be pros and cons to any move even if it is just around the corner to a new home.  However, those pros and cons get a little more intense, especially when there is a possibility of moving to a completely different country. 

Anyone who is considering moving to Dorset in the UK from France, should know that there are some major differences between the two countries.  Those differences do not mean that the way one country does things is incorrect or that anything is wrong with what is done, but they could make a difference when a person makes their final decision. 

Here are the pros of moving to Dorset from France:


It can be easier to change careers when a person moves to Dorset, simply because the UK is more willing to give people a chance, even if they have no experience in that particular occupation.  In France, it is the complete opposite, because a person is expected to work in the field that their degree is in. work dorsetPets

Pets are more acceptable in the UK than they are in France.  The locals in France see all animals as just that, while everyone in the UK treats them like a member of the family. 


The French may love to say hello, but they are not always too friendly after that.  In Dorset, everyone is friendly and after a while it does feel like everyone knows everyone else. 

Hours of Stores and Public Places

The stores and public places in the UK are often open for more hours than in France.  They don’t close for a long lunch hour or an entire day or two in the UK.  The other notable thing is that in France, most businesses will close for the entire month of August, so that they can go on an extended holiday.  That would never happen in the UK and could be considered a con to many people! BTW a lot of people asked me about my movers – This is the company I used – good luck:)


And now, the cons of moving to Dorset from France:

Shorter Mealtimes

Many businesses in France close down for lunch hour, so that families can enjoy a long leisurely meal together.

Days End Earlier

Anyone that goes out at night in Dorset will find themselves home much earlier than they would be in France. The nightclubs in Dorset are almost ready to close at the time that the crowds are just entering them in France.

Chain Businesses

In Dorset, there are quite a few chain restaurants and stores. That means that people are not experiencing anything unique. France, on the other hand, offers more individually owned boutiques and restaurants for people to choose from. Many of these places have been open for decades or even centuries and it has become tradition to go to them.

There are quite a few differences between these two places, and anyone considering a move will want to consider each and every one. However, most people will find that the benefits of moving to Dorset will far offset any of the cons that they may have thought of as they were making their final decision.



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