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6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Choose Dorset When Relocating to the UK

Dorset is not a huge city like London, but this county is comprised of numerous charming towns and villages.  Each one of those places is what makes Dorset a unique, yet fabulous place to call home. 

Here are 6 reasons why everyone should choose Dorset when relocating to the UK:

Breathtaking Landscape

People can wake up every single morning and be awe-inspired by the natural beauty around them when they live in Dorset.  Those beautiful sights never seem to get old or boring either.  Between the Jurassic Coast, Lulworth Cove, Golden Cap, Durdle Door, beaches, country parks, and nature reserves, there is always something amazing to look at and explore in the county. 

Thriving Businesses

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Business in Dorset is booming, due in part to the tourism of the area, and people relocating there can take full advantage of it all.  Most people will find themselves working within the tourism realm, however, there are also multiple jobs available for people who specialize in environmental technologies, defense, and advanced engineering. 

Amazing Transportation

The entire United Kingdom is the perfect place for exploring, and everyone who lives in Dorset can easily travel just about anywhere.  Local transportation includes the bus, car services, and the train, but the train also offers options for travel to London and other cities within the country.

You can find more here: www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/travel-dorset/public-transport-bus-and-rail

Magnificent Arts and Culture Scene

Over the years, many authors, artists, and scientists have called Dorset home.  They all believed that the landscape of the region, the locals, and the tranquility that they found there played a huge role in their success.  Anyone who decides to relocate to Dorset could actually become the next Jane Austen, Paul Nash, or Thomas Hardy. For more information, visit  www.nationaltrust.org.uk/hardys-cottage

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Plethora of Festivals and Other Social Events

There is always something going on in Dorset that people can do.  While many of the events are low-key, the county goes all out when it comes to their festivals, and there are a lot of them.  Throughout the year, Dorset is famous for hosting festivals that include fossils, nettle eating, waistcoats, films, and even Dorset knob throwing. 

Delicious Cuisine

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No, cuisine is not always a reason to move to another area of the world, but Dorset does offer some of the best seafood and produce.  Fresh seafood is brought into the harbor every day, and the soil coupled with the mild climate helps the locals grow some of the tastiest fruits and vegetables.  Anyone who is in Dorset will want to try many of the local foods, especially the Dorset Naga, which is one of the hottest chilis in the entire world. 

These are six of the best reasons for people who are considering relocating to the Dorset region.  In fact, there might not even be a bad reason to move to the area, because it just seems so perfect and idyllic.

The Best Places to Live When Moving to Dorset with Kids

Dorset is comprised of many little towns and villages, and while everyone who lives in each one is friendly and kind, a few of them are better than others for raising children.  Thankfully, there are many amazing schools in Dorset, so once a person narrows down their choices of where to live, they should be able to make a quick decision.

Here are the best places to live when moving to Dorset with kids:



This quaint little village offers magnificent views in Blackmoor Vale as well as a multitude of architectural styles.  There are two primary schools in this village as well as a recreation area and numerous small shops.  Marnhull was used during the filming process of the television movie, Tess of the d’Ubervilles, which was written by local Thomas Hardy.

Cerne Abbas

Cerne Abbas

There is no shortage of amazing schools in Cerne Abbas.  In fact, parents will love the options if they choose this town with the chalk giant carved into the hillside.  The three state and three prep schools offer quite a bit education wise, but there are also private schools within a short distance for those who are looking for even more options.



There are tons of activities for families in Bournemouth as well as very good schools.  Many families will spend hours outside as they walk around exploring the area and meeting up with other people.  Southbourne is part of Bournemouth and that seems to be the area that attracts families with toddlers and younger children.  One of the best things about Bournemouth is that there are seven miles of beaches that everyone can use. 



Families who love history and museums may want to consider moving to Dorchester, as there are five museums there.  No child of any age is going to turn down a trip to the Teddy Bear Museum or the Dinosaur Museum.  The movie theater is a popular destination for many families in this town as are the shops and restaurants that line the streets. 



Families with older children may want to consider this town, because it is full of outdoor activities including paddleboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing.  This is a perfect destination for families who plan on having lots of out of town guests, because there are quite a few hotels close by. 

All these towns and villages are perfect for raising children, plus they are not too far from major cities like London.  In fact, anyone who moves to this area will find that they can explore the country easier with their children, simply because of where they chose to live. 

Dorset is a Fascinating and Amazing Place to Live

Dorset is a county in Southwestern England and many people find that it is a fascinating and amazing place to live. In fact, many people from other countries have chosen to pack up their belongings and move to this area permanently.
One of the biggest things that draws people to this area is its beauty. More than half of the country has been named as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, due to its landscaping and natural surroundings being carefully preserved. The landforms of Lulworth Cove, the Isle of Portland, Chesil Beach, and Durdle Door are all part of the Jurassic Coast Natural World Heritage Site, which is along the coastline of the county.

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The weather in Dorset is warm during the summer and mild during the winter. Due to its location, the county has warmer temperatures than the rest of the United Kingdom. It does rain in Dorset, but the amount each year is dependent on the specific area of where a person is.
Agriculture used to be Dorset’s primary source of income, but that has not been the case for quite some time now. In recent years, employers such as J.P. Morgan, BAE Systems, Sunseeker International, and Bournemouth University have created more jobs for the people that live in the area. Of course, the military personnel that are stationed in the area make up a lot of the workforce as well.

Tourism is a major part of economy in Dorset and that is what the majority of the locals do for a living. Millions of people visit the area every year to see the major attractions and experience nature in its original preserved form.
Anyone who doesn’t have their own transportation in Dorset will find that they can still go anywhere that they want to with the help of the public buses and trains. These two forms of transportation have daily schedules and they are quite affordable to use. If those options are not enough for a person, they could also utilize the services of a volunteer car, Dial-a-Ride, and Car Clubs. With all these options, no one should ever feel that they cannot go somewhere that they want to.
People who move to the area will want to venture out to the numerous cultural places, because that is where they will learn the most about the locals and the history. The Dorset County Museum was founded in 1864 and it contains a wealth of information about the history and environment of the county. Other museums that most people find interesting are the Tank Museum, the Keep Military Museum, the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, and the Portland Museum.
Amongst the abundant conservation areas are more than 1,500 ancient monuments, thirty registered parks and gardens, and thousands of listed buildings. Everyone should take some time to visit Portland Castle, Anthelhampton, Forde Abbey, Christchurch Priory, and St. Edwold’s Church.

dorset festival
With so many things to see and do in Dorset, people may think that there couldn’t possibly be anything else. However, the county also hosts numerous festivals, fairs, and other events throughout the year. The Bournemouth Air Festival seems to be the most popular, which isn’t surprising since it is a free air show. Some of the others that are absolutely fascinating include the Great Dorset Steam Fair, the Dorset County Show, and Inside Out Dorset.