What Every Expat Needs to Expect When Moving to Dorset

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Moving to another country is not always as easy as it seems like it should be.  People still need to legally enter that other country, which means that they may need a Visa.  The Visa requirement is based on where a person is from and whether or not that location is on the list of who needs one and who doesn’t. 

Once a person has gotten all the legalities out of the way, they will want to search for schools if they have children.  The reason for that is that children go to a school near where they live, so there is no point in choosing one school and then not being able to send your children there because you moved fifty miles from where that school is located. 

Each town and village in Dorset is going to be different when it comes to the pricing of housing, but it will be much cheaper than it would be in one of the larger cities.  Plus, everywhere in Dorset is just a couple of hours away from London by train, so travel will still be an option. 

Speaking of the train, public transportation is quite easy to use in Dorset.  Most people find that it is easier to take the train, bus, or a car service when they need to go somewhere.  Anyone who does decide that they need to have a car in the area will want to make sure that they exchange their foreign driver’s license for a UK one within a year of their arrival. 

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There is a very large number of expats in Dorset, and that is a good thing for the many more that will be moving there in the future.  These expats contain a wealth of information that they are willing to share with new arrivals.  After all, expats need to know the best neighborhoods, the best restaurants, the best shops, and the best places to visit in the area. 

One of the best ways for an expat to find a fellow expat is searching any of the numerous social and professional networking clubs that is available.  These sights offer a plethora of information for newer locals, plus it is a great way to make new friends and contacts outside of the expat world. 

Every expat will face a challenge or two when they first arrive in Dorset, but they will not be the first person to conquer them.  People have been moving to this area for years, mainly because it is a beautiful and welcoming place to everyone who arrives there.

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