Staccato P Pistol For Law Enforcement Use

When law enforcement officers are facing high-risk incidents, they need a weapon that is both reliable and accurate. The Staccato P is a 1911-style pistol built for the rigors of law enforcement use. It has been approved for duty by agencies including the U.S. Marshals and LAPD SWAT.

While it may not be as compact as some competing models, the staccato p is a great option for concealed carry. Its trigger is heavier than some competition guns but still allows for a light, quick pull.


While the Glock is widely accepted as the duty pistol of choice among many federal agencies, a significant number of state- and local-level departments choose alternatives. One such alternative is the Staccato 2011.

This double-stack 1911 is extremely reliable and capable of meeting the needs of law enforcement officers. In fact, it is approved for duty by more than 1,200 agencies across the country, including elite units like the Texas Rangers and US Marshals Special Operations Group.

The Staccato P has a heavy trigger, but that’s by design. It allows the officer to quickly and easily deploy the weapon and reduce the chances of a negligent discharge. In addition, the gun can accept a number of different optics and weapon lights to meet the needs of any mission.

The pistol is also highly accurate, achieving mean 25-yard rested groups under 2 inches with three test loads. This accuracy, combined with the ease of use of the sights and quick recoil recovery, makes the gun a good choice for officers on patrol or responding to calls.


STI’s 1911 series pistols are designed, engineered and built to withstand the rigorous use of law enforcement officers and competitive shooters alike. They are incredibly accurate, durable and dependable. As a result, they’re approved for duty by over 1,400 agencies nationwide.

Sgt. Kaas says the Staccato P’s accuracy is in the 95th percentile, and it is a favorite of his department’s SWAT team. He attributed the weapon’s exceptional accuracy to its recoil springs, which minimize barrel whip and enhance shooting performance. He also praised its “awesome” trigger pull.

The Staccato’s ambidextrous controls, ergonomic design and 17-round capacity are ideal for law enforcement officers who prioritize tactical applications. Its magazine capacity also makes it a popular choice for competitive shooters. Its milled slide has an optics-ready design, allowing shooters to mount red dot sights or lasers. This feature is especially useful for shooters who prioritise accuracy and precision. In addition, the Staccato is compatible with the Dawson tool-less guide rod system, a feature that offers the flexibility to adjust the guide rod spring weight according to ammunition type.


The Staccato P is a highly customizable handgun that can be fitted with a wide variety of accessories. This customization allows the user to tailor the pistol for specific needs and improve performance. For example, the user can add an optic mount or a Dawson Precision fiber-optic front sight.

Another feature of the Staccato P is its reliability. The gun has been tested by law enforcement agencies and has been approved for duty use. This gives it a competitive advantage in the law enforcement market.

The STI Blue Line program offers active duty police officers a discount on the Staccato P. This is a great way to save money on your next duty pistol. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on their products, which is an added benefit. The warranty covers all parts and labor, and includes free cleanings and replacements. In addition, the company will reimburse you for lost or stolen magazines. The company will even replace the barrel if it is damaged.


Staccato’s design caters to the needs of law enforcement professionals, with a focus on durability and reliability. The pistols also offer a comfortable grip and easy handling, which are important features for law enforcement officers in dynamic situations. The Staccato P is also easier to maintain than other pistols. The pistol’s magazines and slide locks are designed to be easily removed and replaced, which is convenient for frequent use.

The Staccato P has a high magazine capacity, which makes it ideal for use in patrol and other law enforcement duties. However, its large size and recoil may make it difficult to conceal. The ambidextrous thumb safety of the Staccato P is also smooth and easy to engage, which can help reduce the risk of negligent discharges.

The Staccato P is available with a milled optics-ready slide, which allows users to mount industry-leading red dot sights on the pistol’s slide. This feature positively impacts the gun’s market value, as it attracts shooters who prioritize the benefits of red dot optics in tactical shooting scenarios.

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